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Curriculum Vitae (of Nikolaos Frangou)

I finished high school in Athens (22th Kypseli) in June 1979. September 1979 began studies of Stomatology /Dentistry at the Medical University of the City of Lvov, Western Ukraine (ex-USSR).

I graduated from university in June 1984 a medal, and a specialty of Stomatology and a second graduate in the specialty of teacher of the Russian language.

In October 1984, I got the permit for the legitimate exercise of the profession of dentistry - Dental and immediately started working in my private clinic, that I opened it for the first time in Halandri, Athens, Attica.

I'd also attended several Conferences ( and I’ll continue attend ) - Internationals and Greeks, always in the spirit of improving my knowledge’s at work in the clinic, and trying to avoid mistakes during my daily practices.

Since then, along with practice of Dentistry - Stomatology, I attended seminars and practical Hands-On courses ( as I try to do it and in the present time ) to improve my skills of the services, which I provide to patients who comes at clinic. Improving treatment processes in therapy of diseasions and working techniques, using last generation materials, which is quality superior to previous ones that I used.

Co-Working with dental-technician laboratories that provide only qualitative excellent work and using excellent quality materials guaranteed and tested by myself as well ( nothing lefts to a fortune ).

In private clinic, mainly I’ve work with the correction of occlusion defects of the teeth and mouth with the treatment of various types of oral mucosal diseases in mouth, do the surgical bone repair ( cysts, sinus elevation, implants etc. ), removing inclusion teeth’s ( such as wisdom teeth’s or any other teeth ), aesthetic restoration of teeth’s ( Prosthodontics, through the holoceramic crowns ), Endodontics ( root canal treatment etc. ), surgical dental ( fillings and restorations of teeth’s, etc. ) and Pediatric Dentistry. 

I speak fluent in Greek, English and Russian languages, assisted Spanish and French. 

Since the year of 2016 I start to work in aesthetic restoration of teeth, with the
“DIGITAL SMILE SYSTEM” application for preparation and preview the final smile of the patient ( before the begin of the specific treatment.. ) [ small presentation can see in the “Gallery” ] .